Wine label series – winning design!

─ 2021


This label series won 1st prize in a 2022 for Best Label Design in Poland

I was commisioned to design a first series of 5 wine labels as well as the winery logo for a new winery in Poland.

Legend says there was a local hero, a Robin Hood type, that lived in the area and helped the people. I decided to pay a modern homage to a lrgrnd and I created an ultra clean design, that can be interpreted in an open way.

Do you see a landscape and the hill in it (there is “a hill” in winery’s name)? Or a sharp metal’s scratch lines, maybe scars? This is correct, too, since there is a sword in the logotype. I also decded to make the sword hilt adn at the same time letter T (for Tecław, the heo’s name), the brand’s signet.

The series is  easy to decline in new versions and wine types and is memorable. First year’s production was sold on the in Poland.


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