Wine label series – winning design!

─ 2021


This label series won 1st prize in a 2022 for Best Label Design in Poland

I was commissioned to design the first series of 5 wine labels and visual identity for a new winery in Poland. The design was supposed to be modern and neat. 

The winery sits on a slope named after a local legendary hero: Teclaw, the guardian of the poor and oppressed. I paid a modern homage to Teclaw, his sword, and the mountain.

A result is an ultra-clean design, that can be declined in multiple versions and interpreted openly. I kept the very long winery name in the form of a sword, where „T” becomes a sword handle.

Do you see a landscape? a shape of a hill? Sharp blade’s scratch lines? maybe scars? 

Any of could be true. 

The series is very easy to decline in new versions and wine types and has been reported by clients as very memorable. The first year’s production was sold on the spot. The design of the first series won the 1st prize for the best label wine design in Poland 2022. 

Wine label design
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