About Zuza

Branding specialist ♥
Graphic designer ♥
Design mistress ♥

MSc in Architecture, Politecnico di Milano
1st prize winner for best Wine Label Design, Poland 2021
Languages: English, French, Italian, Polish

With a knack for radical authenticity, no-bull***t design, and a constant quest for deep meaning, I create memorable visual identities, websites, and product labels for my clients’ businesses.

I navigate the creative process, transforming often tangled ideas into clear structure and meaningful content. My work bridges my client’s offer, and their customers’ most mysterious & profound decision-making center: heart ♥.

I have managed creative projects across various media, continents, and topics. My quirky specialties are projects related to dance, as well as wine labels.

Branding Philosophy

Listen to their needs
Tune into their heart
Tap gently into awareness
Learn their language
Speak to them softly
Do them good
Create a relationship
that serves them all:
the Brand, the Business, the Customer

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– MS. Brand Advisor