I bring creativity to life,
unconventional and bold,
visuals here and there unfold…

… ok, I promise that’s it with poetry for today!

– MS. Brand Advisor

Zuza Suwik

♥ Branding specialist
♥ Art director
♥ Graphic designer
♥ Design mistress

With a knack for radical authenticity, no-bullshit design and constant quest for deep meaning, I create engaging and effective brand experiences, that serve a higher purpose. My work is a bridge between your offer (a brand, service or product) and your customers hearts.

I create custom web designs and memorable branding solutions. I navigate the creative process with my clients, transforming their ideas into clear structure and beautiful content.

How to Brand with Love

Listen to their needs
Tune into their heart
Tap gently into awareness
Learn their language
Speak to them softly
Do them good
Create a nurturing, long-lasting relationship that serves them all:
the Brand, the Business, the Customer

– you could say it’s a poetic expression of my branding philosophy
How I work

The modern designer’s role extends far beyond mastering digital tools and efficiency metrics. It hinges on creativity, receptivity, self-awareness of talents and limitations, and authenticity. All of these shape a sensitivity that breathes life into successful projects.

An integral part of my process while working with clients involves reflection, inspiration, and humanistic synthesis of the solutions into essential content.

I work my magic using DIVI and tweaks of CSS & HTML building clear, user friendly WordPress websites. I use Photoshop & Illustrator to fill them with beautifully crafted content. I also write easy-to-read copy that packs the punch my Clients need.

I have managed creative projects across various media, continents and topics. My specialties are projects related to dance as well as wine labels.

Twój tytuł idzie tutaj

MSc in Architecture, Politecnico di Milano

Twój tytuł idzie tutaj

1st prize winner for best Wine Label Design, Poland 2021


Twój tytuł idzie tutaj

Languages: English, French, Italian, Polish

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– MS. Brand Advisor